Monday, December 09, 2013

Lily Collins Comic

I just recently upgraded to Adobe Creative Cloud, so I decided to use this drawing to experiment with some techniques I've been reading about in ImagineFX. I tried out four things here: 1. I created animated rain using about 8 frames, 2. I first worked in greyscale and then colourized it afterwards (the highly saturated, sunny colour of the original photo wouldn't work with my idea for the animation), 3. I merged my line art with the greyscale underpainting into one layer and then coloured on top of the same layer (This means that some lines have more depth than others, while others blend in more), and 4. I tried out a comic book inking technique on the hair.

Now something a little more interesting: Who is this Audrey Hepburn-esque girl you ask? Why it's the talented British/American actress Lily Collins from The Mortal Instruments series, Mirror Mirror, and the Blind Side. Lily's dad is the singer/drummer Phil Collins, which in turn made me decide to listen to "Sussudio" while animating the rain, ha.

Original photo from British Glamour found here.

The drawing without animation.