Friday, October 11, 2013

Endeavour Cartoon/Graphic Novel Page - Shaun Evans (Morse), Roger Allam (Thursday), Jack Laskey (Jakes), and Sara Vickers (Joan)

Endeavour has to be my new favourite show! It is beautifully shot, compelling, and very well acted. It's produced by Mammoth Screen and aired on PBS Masterpiece Mystery in North America and on ITV in the UK. The show takes place in Oxford in the mid-1960s and is about the young Endeavour Morse (it's a prequel to the Inspector Morse series starring John Thaw and the Colin Dexter books). From top to bottom, left to right: Morse (Shaun Evans), Fred Thursday (Roger Allam), Peter Jakes (Jack Laskey), Morse again, and Joan Thursday (Sara Vickers). The quote in the final panel is from the episode "Fugue." Click on the page to see it bigger!

Here's a close up of Morse holding an umbrella, which was based on a scene from the episode "Girl." Shaun Evans was a lot of fun to draw because he has giant eyes like David Tennant, ha!

Fred Thursday and Endeavour Morse. Photo from PBS.

Here's one of my favourite clips where Joan and Jakes are doing hilarious 60s dancing and Morse seems confused.